New resource – Black Belt Ukulele 3- Now available!

We’re excited to announce the release of our new resource ‘Black Belt Ukulele 3’ -the last in the series. As with Books 1 & 2 it comprises:

Black Belt Ukulele 3 Multimedia Teacher’s program

All the teacher’s notes, interactive activities, student tracker, free student version of all interactive activities and more are here in this multimedia program you can access any where on any device. Perfect for data projector, interactive whiteboard, PC, MAC, iPad, Android and more.

Black Belt Ukulele 3 Student book

In full colour with an audio app and a further 3 belts. Begins with revision from book 2, introduces new chords (Dm, A7, Em, Edim, Gm, Bb, B7 and E7) as well as further chord changes (Dm-A7, Dm- C, D-C, Em-C-G, Dm-Edim-A7, F-Bb- C7-Gm, Em-Am-B7, A-E7, Am-F-E7-G). There are more strumming patterns, consolidation of scales, and introduction to modes and riffs to help further build skills in finger picking melodies and improvisation with ‘TIMR’ fingers.

Black Belt Ukulele 3 Worksheet book

Copy and hand out these worksheets. Includes learning worksheets, certificates and much more. The Backing Audio App. contains all the performance backings (instrumental tracks)

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