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Dear John Smith,

Welcome to the July edition of 'Music Notes', and we'd like to extend a special welcome to our new subscribers. As we're about to head into Term 3 here in Australia - and the start of a new school year in the northern hemisphere - we thought we'd let you know about some exciting events happening over the next six months. Plus, we'll take a look back at what we've been up to in the first half of the year. And we're very excited to announce the imminent release of a brand new teaching resource - 'Black Belt Ukulele'!! As well as that (DO WE HAVE AN ARTICLE TO SHARE?) and of course (PHIL'S PHILOSOPHY).

So sit back and take a few minutes to enjoy this edition of 'Music Notes'.

Yours in harmony,

Susie & Phil

A special Christmas offer for you!

As a Musicnotes subscriber we would like to offer you a very special Christmas gift.

Simply purchase any two single CDs from the Welcome to Music range (including our brand new album 'Beat Street!') and we will give you one of our 'positive music' CDs absolutely free!

'The Power of You' (POY CD1) and 'Anything is Possible' (AIP CD1) are the titles of our Positive Music CDs and they are filled with original and uplifting songs to motivate, energise and inspire!

Great gifts for all ages so order your free copy now!

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What's coming up in 2014?

Melbourne Recital Centre presents 'Whack, Bang, Crash' - percussion workshop for families

On Saturday 18th January join Phil for a bit of holiday fun as he presents 'Whack, Bang, Crash', a fun and interactive percussion concert for all ages at the Melbourne Recital Centre as part of their 'Musicplay' series. Click here for more details.

ANCOS presents 'Harding/Harper Workshop'

On January 15th & 16th join Susie at the ANCOS (Australian National Council of Orff Schulwerk) conference in Melbourne, featuring James Harding from the USA and Peta Harper from NSW. Click here for further info and/or to register.

NSWOSA presents 'Level 1 & 2 Orff Courses' in Canberra

After that Susie is heading up to our nation's capital (that's Canberra for the uninitiated) from January 20th to 24th. where Susie, together with two wonderful Orff practitioners Sarah Brooke and Sue Lane, are presenting Levels 1 and 2. Click here for more info and/or to register.

VOSA presents 'Back to School' workshop

Then on February 22nd we have the annual VOSA 'Back to School Day' at Grimwade House, Melbourne Grammar Junior School, which is always a great kick start to the new school year. Special guests - Susie Davies-Splitter & Jennifer Gillan. Click here for details.

ONZA presents 'Welcome to Music' NZ tour - Auckland and Christchurch

During March we will be in the Land of the Long White Cloud (that's New Zealand for the uninitiated) and will be presenting teacher workshops in Auckland on Saturday 1st March (click here for details) and then a 'Beat Street!' workshop in Christchurch on Thursday 6th March from 4-8.30pm, at Chisnallwood Intermediate School Christchurch, NZ

*Note: Susie and Phil will be available for Artist in School (AIS) programs on the following dates - Auckland 26th, 27th & 28th March and in Christchurch 4th & 5th March. First in best dressed! Click here for more information about our AIS programs. Click here to contact us if you are interested to know more

VOSA presents 'Level 1 & 2 Orff Courses' in Melbourne

From April 7th to 12th VOSA will be presenting Orff Level 1 and 2 courses in Melbourne with presenters Melissa Dods, Susie Davies-Splitter, Carol Richards and Damien Royal. Click here for all the details

TOSA presents 'Level 1 Orff Course' in Launceston

April 21st-25th sees Susie in the Apple Isle (Tasmania), co-presenting Orff level courses with Gerard Van de Geer in Launceston. Click here for all the details

VOSA presents 'Living Music and Dance' conference

On May 23rd and 24th VOSA presents 'Living Music and Dance' with special guest Richard GIll OAM. Another 'must attend' event. Click here for all the details.

Sisu & Topsky present 'ANCOS accredited Orff level 1 & 2 Courses' in Shenzen, China

From the 28th July to 13th August - with presenters Susie Davies-Splitter, Sarah Brooke and Mai Xu - watch this space for more information

VOSA presents 'ECCPA - Early Childhood Conference of Performing Arts' and Lynn Kleiner Early Childhood Music Course

August 16th and 17th sees the fabulous Lynn Kleiner from the USA as special international presenter at ECCPA. Lynn will be running a course for Early Childhood teachers, beginning at ECCPA and continuing the following week in Melbourne on August 18th and 19th. Watch this space for more details.

QOSA and Welcome to Music present Lynn Kleiner with Susie and Phil in Cairns

August 23rd at Freshwater Primary School - watch this space.

We look forward to seeing some of you at one or more of these exciting events over the next few months.

'FREE' Workshop opportunity

Would you like to attend a Welcome to Music PLAYshop in 2014 for free? If you, or someone you know, is connected to an Early Learning Centre, Preschool, Kindergarten or Primary school who would be willing to host a 2 hour Welcome to Music workshop, they will receive 2 free registrations! (up to $110 value!). We need a good space (preferably carpeted) with chairs and tea/coffee facilities. These PLAYshops are a great opportunity for you and your staff to improve your skills - and a great networking opportunity too! This offer is also avaiiable for our interstate friends but we would need to allow for travel costs etc. We can also provide half and full day workshops for Early Childhood and Primary -please let us know if you have any ideas re facilities in and around your location. Phil is available for regular music classes and/or a one-off 'Funny Phil's Music Show' for your centre, and we also offer Artists in Schools programs. Please contact us if you are interested and would like to know more.

“We had a fantastic night with Phil's session - he was great fun, very motivating and he had all 35 of us up singing and dancing.” Jenny Donegan, Co-Ordinator, Family Day Care, City of Monash.

“Thanks for your inspiring workshops!! Being new to music education, your presentations were wonderful! So many fabulous ideas that I can take to my students K through 6! Sarah Davidson, Music teacher, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

What's been happening?

Phew! We've been busy little beavers over the last few months, that's for sure! In late October we headed for our 'home away from home' Singapore, where Susie presented a course for teachers at the Singapore Teachers' Academy for the Arts (STAR) while Phil presented workshops for Pat's Schoolhouse. Then we flew home for 48 hours - just enough time to do some laundry and swap the summer clothes for winter woolies as we went on our way to a music conference in Niagara Falls (tough gig we know!) where it was a little chillier than Singapore! This was the Ontario Music Educators' Association (OMEA) annual conference that we were delighted to get a gig at, well 2 actually, thanks to our North American publisher and good friend Denise Gagne, who publishes our materials for the North American market. In fact when we arrived Denise presented us with the newest and sixth publication, called 'Come on Dance' which we were delighted with. From there we flew to Denver, Colorado for the American Orff Schulwerk Association (AOSA) annual conference where we presented 3 workshops.

The networking alone made it all worthwhile; not to mention Susie having the opportunity to lead about 300 people in a dance (see pic at top of page) at one of the many after hours events. Man, they sure know how to party in the good ol' US of AOSA!

A few days downtime - or should I say 'uptime' high up in the Colorado Rockies with our good friends Lynn and Steve Kleiner topped off a memorable trip!

New Year's Eve in Melbourne

For those of you who will be in Melbourne for New Year'e Eve and wondering if you should stay at home or go out, and if so where...we have the perfect solution. Our retro rock band "GTR" featuring Susie on keyboards and vocals and Phil on guitar and vocals is playing at the Hampton RSL from 8 'til late and we'd love to see you there. You can book a spot or even a whole table so you can bring your friends. Only $20 entry so fantastic value for New Year's Eve. For more details and how to book click here.

Looking ahead to 2014?

If you're looking ahead to 2014, we would love to be involved in your planning and programs so please keep us in mind when planning your events for the future. We can offer a range of great services including:

Looking for a stress free start to 2014?

If you're looking for a fun and interactive staff day to kickstart 2014 to ensure your staff are unstressed as they begin the new school year this could be just the PD you need.....'I'm not stressed - I always look like this! A lighthearted look at a serious topic'

Did you know that daily stress is one of the most dangerous things the human body is faced with? It is so destructive it actually degrades the function of the body and mind and results in most ailments, including anxiety, depression, weight gain, chronic fatigue syndrome, lack of concentration, low libido, and many others.

Even worse, stress is considered by many leading medical doctors to be the cause for more than 85% of all diseases including cancer, and has the power to destroy our mental perception of ourselves and the people around us -- which creates even more stress!

The good news is…"You can manage stress." And one of the best ways to do that is to hear Phil's very funny BUT important presentation called 'I'm not stressed - I always look like this!'.

In this highly interactive and entertaining presentation, Phil puts forward the notion that although we have stress in our lives, it’s how we manage it that can make the difference between thriving, simply surviving, or worse!

Phil will help you uncover the myths of what stress is, why we have it and what we can do about it in a fun and light-hearted manner that will give you some much needed strategies for coping in the classroom, the staffroom – and beyond!

‘I’m not stressed, I always look like this!’ is a great way to begin a conference or special event or as an interactive workshop, leaving you feeling energised, empowered, enthused, entertained…and 'enspired' to tackle the task of teaching... and living....with renewed enthusiasm.

Guaranteed to leave you totally unstressed and ready to tackle anything!!

Contact us if you would like more information

Phil's PHILosophy

Short, sharp and to the point at this busy time of the year.....

When it comes to recycling nothing can beat this... Click here and prepare to be amazed!

Finally a quote from one of my musical heroes...

"I think music in itself is healing. It's an explosive expression of humanity. It's something we are all touched by. No matter what culture we're from, everyone loves music." Billy Joel

Condiments of the seasoning to one and all!

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