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Dear John Smith,

Gosh can you believe the year is already more than half over? They say time passes quickly when you're having fun...or making music; preferably both!

In this edition of Musicnotes we have a great article for you written by Susie and renown early childhood educator and composer Galina Zenin, the announcement of our new not-for-profit association 'Hearts in Harmony Community Music Inc', as well as our new program 'MusicMoves -taking music to the world', where you can join us on a fabulous trip to Thailand in November. Plus what we've been up to, what's coming up and another FREE song for you, one in keeping with the Olympic theme as well as some great advice on how to deal with stress, and of course Phil's PHILosophy.

So take a moment out of your busy life and have a read....

Yours in harmony,

Susie & Phil

Hearts in Harmony Community Music Inc.

Yes it's now official - 'Hearts in Harmony Community Music Inc' - our not-for-profit association, is now up and running and we had our first official meeting a few weeks ago.

So what is it all about?

‘Hearts in Harmony Community Music’s (HHCM) vision is to build healthy communities through inclusive music for all ages, abilities, faiths and cultures and to raise awareness of the importance of active music making in schools and communities around Australia.

HHCM’s mission is to implement sustainable music programs that build capacity and social capital, develop positive connections, enhance health and well being and embrace diversity in a fun, engaging and non threatening environment.

HHCM recognises an opportunity to assist all children and adults, including those with disabilities and disadvantage, as well as primary, pre‐service and general class teachers, to have a forum for self expression, unlock their innate creative potential and make a difference.


The programs cater for people of all ages, faiths, cultures and levels of musical experience. There are no auditions or requirements to read music. All that’s required is enthusiasm and commitment. Everyone is welcome!

‘Hearts in Harmony’ community choirs

– aim to celebrate each unique voice. Repertoire includes a wide range of songs and musical styles from around the world that reflect the cultural makeup and diversity of the local community. If you would like to join one of our choirs please contact janie@welcometomusic.net for more information

‘Hearts in Harmony’ community music days

–each full day event involves practical workshops in singing, folk dancing and playing instruments. All led by experienced educators and artists.

We had a very successful community music day on April 22 at Federation Square in Melbourne and we are holding a second one on November 11! Stay tuned for more info on this.

‘Music Moves’ –taking music to the world - see separate section below

‘Music Connect’- Hearts in Harmony schools music outreach program

This program is based on social inclusion providing shared, active music making through singing, movement and playing instruments. A partnership is forged between a primary school and at least one other ‘friend’ organization such as an aged care facility, early learning centre, special school, hospital, disability unit etc.

‘Music Stage’- inclusive music and theatre holiday programs and family camps for disadvantaged youth.

Click here for more information and click here to go to our Facebook page - make sure you 'like' us!

Your opportunity to shine

Would you, your choir or family love an opportunity to perform as part of the intergenerational choir at our fundraising event ‘Strike a Chord’ at the Glen Eira Town Hall in September and at our Community Music day at BMW Edge at Federation Square?

Well you have that opportunity to perform with a 200 strong massed choir as part of the ‘Strike a Chord’ concert at Glen Eira Town Hall on Thursday evening 20th Sept and the ‘Hearts in Harmony’ community music day on Sunday 11th November.

‘Strike a Chord’ concert rehearsal Sunday 16th Sept and 20th Sept, prior to the concert.

‘Hearts in Harmony Community Music Day’ concert rehearsal 11th November, prior to the concert.

There are six songs to learn including English, African, Hebrew and Torres Strait Islands songs. All ages and abilities are welcome including choirs, families and individuals.

Each chorister is invited to join our Facebook page, where you will have access to the arrangements and recordings. Groups are welcome to learn and sing the melody lines only for each song and all songs must be learned by heart.

Please contact Janie at Janie@welcometomusic.net or phone 1300 769 803 as soon as possible to secure a spot. There are only 200 places.

MusicMoves - taking music to the world!

Music Moves’ – taking music to the world

Do you have a great passion for music? Would you like to share that passion with others less fortunate than you? Then join us on our inaugural Hearts in Harmony Community Music 'Music Moves' trip to Thailand in mid November 2012 for 8 days where we will be sharing the joy of music with children in need and making their hearts sing!

This initiative is in collaboration with ‘Volunteer Holidays’ - No music experience is necessary, just a willingness to connect with other human beings through music. Volunteers will be based in Bangkok and will work with children of various ages in an orphanage, introducing them to the wonderful world of music - incorporating song, rhyme, movement and dance, and a variety of Instruments including percussion, drumming and the ukulele.

If this is something that interests you please contact us for further information. or click here to see the Volunteer Holidays website for more info and the brochure.

STOP PRESS: Just announced - We are holding a very special fundraising concert for our MusicMoves trip called 'Strike a Chord' on the evening of September 20 at Glen Eira Town Hall in Melbourne, in conjunction with world renown composer and pianist Warren Wills. Information and ticketing details will be put up on our Facebook page very soon so make sure you check it regularly. (Remember to 'like' us so we can keep you up to date with what's coming up!)

Another FREE song for you!

Speaking of Facebook, would you like a FREE download of one of our songs? In our last edition we featured 'Oscar the Octopus' from our latest Early Childhood album 'AlphabetZ'. Given the Olympics are almost upon us we thought it might be a appropriate to feature Susie and Phil's award winning anthem 'The Green and the Gold' which can be heard on the albums 'Razzamajazz' and 'The Power of You'

Click here to go to our Facebook page and simply click on the big 'V' (above Music store), then click on FB LIKE FOR DOWNLOAD and the song will automatically download. Be sure and let us know what you think of it!

Our Musicnotes article

In this edition of Musicnotes Susie, together with highly qualified Early learning educator and composer Galina Zenin, has written an article titled:

The importance of creative Music and Movement in Early Childhood Development and how it supports NQS & EYLF.

Click here to read this interesting and important article

What's been happening

We spent a few days in Australia's capital (that's Canberra for those who may not know!) at the end of May and it was just as well that we were moving and grooving because it was cold!!!!

We had a ball working with the students at Radford College for a couple of days and then we ran a PLAYshop for teachers on the Saturday where we all had fun and caught up with lots of our music friends.

In June we had the privilege to work with children at Villa Maria, part of St Paul's College, Kew, located in Melbourne's east, and we always enjoy doing this sort of work as the kids are always so responsive and into music.

More recently Susie, together with friend and accomplished presenter Sarah Brooke, has been presenting Orff level courses in Shenzen in China as the pair have done for the last few years. See some pics here

What's coming up

By the time you read this we will be in Thessaloniki, Greece, presenting at the 30th ISME (International Society of Music Educators) conference which runs from July 15-20, and where we get to rub shoulders with some of the giants of the international music teaching industry. We will have a full report on the next edition of Musiscnotes. If you would like to know more about ISME and the conference click here.

Family Marimba Camp - 3-5 August - Candlebark Farm, near Healesville

"Back to the Future": The Reunion Camp 2012 marks the 20th Anniversary of our Marimba Camp. Enjoyable participatory music for all ages!

Guest Presenter: Valanga Khoza (South African music)

Also featuring: Jon Madin, Andy Rigby, Phil Melgaard, Heather McLaughlin, Christoph Maubach, Gary King, Susie Davies-Splitter, Lynne Burt, Judy Johnston, Liz Bennet, Audrey Fine, Nicole Alexander

Great weekend of PD and/or family fun. Cost for the whole weekend per adult $195.

For further information please visit www.vosa.org To request a registration brochure please email admin@vosa.org .

For general enquiries please email marimba@vosa.org

Early Childhood Conference of Performing Arts (ECCPA) 18-19 August 2012

Making a Move – Explore the Performing Arts through creative movement & dance, singing, drama & stories…..

To register online or to download registration brochure click here

To view the draft program updated today please click here

To read more about this fabulous event click here

We are always updating our calendar as new events are announced so make sure you check it often.

Feeling Stressed?

Did you know that daily stress is one of the most dangerous things the human body is faced with? It is so destructive, that it actually degrades the function of the body and mind and results in most ailments including anxiety, depression, weight gain, chronic fatigue syndrome, lack of concentration, low libido, and many others.

Even worse, stress is considered by many leading medical doctors as the cause for more than 85% of all diseases including cancer, and has the power to destroy our mental perception of ourselves and the people around us -- which creates even more stress!

The good news is…"You can manage stress." And one of the best ways to do that is to hear Phil's very funny BUT important presentation called 'I'm not stressed - I always look like this!'.

In this highly interactive and entertaining presentation, Phil puts forward the notion that although we have stress in our lives, it’s how we manage it that can make the difference between thriving, simply surviving, or worse!

Phil will help you uncover the myths of what stress is, why we have it and what we can do about it, in a fun and light-hearted manner that will give you some much needed strategies for coping in the classroom, the staffroom – and beyond!

‘I’m not stressed, I always look like this!’ is a great way to begin a conference or special event or as an interactive workshop; leaving you feeling energised, empowered, enthused, entertained…and enspired to tackle the task of teaching... and living, with renewed enthusiasm.

Contact us if you would like more information

What people are saying

“Firstly can I say the feedback from staff after you left was fantastic. Many of the staff commented on the way you included the guys in the wheelchairs. Well done to you two because the staff can be very critical of people who come in if they don't know how to deal with wheelchairs!

A couple of the staff asked if you could come every term!”

Louise Docherty, Music Therapist, St Paul's College, Villa Maria, Kew, Melbourne

Phil's PHILosophy

In this edition I have come across a video clip that I hope you will find as inspring and fascinating as I did. Puts a whole new meaning to the word 'determined'

Click here and enjoy

This other video is really clever - It's about Mr Curly and well, you just have to see it for yourself to see how clever.....and musical it is!

Click here and be amazed.

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