Black Belt Ukulele 3 – Starter Kit (Physical Items + Digital Apps)



Includes one of everything:


Student Pack

Blackbelt Ukulele Book 3 (Physical Book):

In full colour.

Begins with revision from book 2, introduces further chords (Dm, D, Em, Edim, E7, Gm, A, A7, Bb, B7) and further chord changes (Dm-A7; Dm-C; Am-Dm; Dm-A7; Dm-Edim or Gm-A7; Dm-Gm-A; D-C; D-A; A-C; F-Bb-C7; Em-C; Em-Am-B7; A-E7; Am-F-E7-G).

There are more strumming patterns, consolidation of scales and introduction to modes to help further build skills in finger picking melodies and improvisation with ‘TIMR’ fingers.

The repertoire is extended with songs from all over the world including a range of musical styles and newly composed pieces written especially for the ukulele.

Traditional and TAB notation is introduced as applicable as well as further ‘Orff arrangements’ (with percussion, recorder and Boomwhacker parts) to enhance and extend each song and activity into ensemble work.

Great for ages 7-12.

To view sample pages from the book, click the images above!

To view the full track and activity listing, click “Activity & Track Listing” tab above!

SongTorch Audio App Access for 1 Student (Digital)

Your students will learn with enthusiasm and faster than ever before. The student multimedia includes full-speed audio for most songs.

3 Coloured Belts (Physical)

Tie around your ukulele as you progress through the book!


Worksheet Copy Book Pack

Blackbelt Ukulele 3 – Worksheet Copy Book (Physical Book) 

Supplemental book with reproducible worksheets, activity sheets, and belt certificates. Coordinates with Black Belt Ukulele Student Book 3 & Multimedia 3 (Red).

Black Belt Ukulele 2 – Backing Tracks Audio App (Digital)

Code for digital access to Black Belt Ukulele 3 Backing Tracks inside the SongTorch app. Coordinates with Black Belt Ukulele Student Book 3 & Multimedia 3 (Red).

Black Belt (Physical) 

Enjoy this symbolic black belt to tie around the teacher ukulele or to display in your classroom/space.


Teacher’s Multimedia Pack

Digital Access for 1 Teacher to the iJam SongTorch App (Digital)

Once logged into SongTorch, your ‘Black Belt Ukulele 3 Multimedia Teacher’s Program’ includes all the teacher’s notes for Black Belt Ukulele 3, worksheets, interactive activities, student tracker, free student version of all interactive activities, as well as vocal, backing and individual strumming and finger picking ukulele audio tracks.

Access anywhere on any device – for data projector, interactive whiteboard, PC, MAC, iPad, Android and more!

Note: SongTorch App codes are printed inside the student and worksheet books and will be available once you receive them. Stickers are not included in this pack (only recommended for Black Belt Ukulele 1 & 2).

Additional Information & Starter Guide

Activity & Track Listing

The Uluru Rock

Sing a song of Treasure
Shalom Chaverim
Charlie Chaplin
Round and round
Lo Yisa Goy
Ocean Song

Scales in Dm
Imagine If
Red belt review – 10 songs
Tango Today
Senwa Dedende
Jamaican Jive

Che Che Kule

Scoo be Doo

Hinei Mutov
I like the Flowers
Brown belt review – 11 songs
Gospel medley
This little light of mine

Sing Song Saya
Goin’ on Safari

Mrs White

Skin and Bones
The Little Birch Tree

Dodi Li

Four white Horses
Bossa Beat
Black belt review 11