Take Orff with Jazz Vol 1 album – Digital version



Vol 1 in the series – Audio tracks only. You can also purchase the teacher’s manual that includes music, guitar chords, words, percussion arrangements, and ideas on how to best use the material. Track titles Vol 1: Cha Cha Groove, Scoo Be Doo, Razzamajazz, Ipharidisi, Swinging Bones, Calypso, Colours, Sing and Scat, Catch that Jive, Backyard Blues

About The Take Orff with Jazz Product Range

‘Take Orff with Jazz’ is a series of 3 CD’s and teacher’s manuals made up of activities collected from the “Welcome to Music” series. They are classroom jazz arrangements based on the Orff Schulwerk approach.Great value – purchase all 3 volumes for only $169!

Track Listing

To listen to any of these tracks, click the play button next to each track title.

1 – Cha Cha Groove (TOJ Vol. 1) Listen
2 – Scoo Be Doo (TOJ Vol. 1)
3 – Razzamajazz (TOJ Vol.1)
4 – Ipharadisi (TOJ Vol. 1) Listen
5 – Swinging Bones (TOJ Vol. 1)
6 – Calypso (TOJ Vol.1)
7 – Colours (TOJ Vol. 1)
8 – Sing and Scat (TOJ Vol. 1)
9 – Catch That Jive (TOJ Vol. 1)
10 – Backyard Blues (TOJ Vol. 1)