Take Orff with Jazz Vol 3



Vol 3 in the series – The teacher’s kits consist of a CD with vocal tracks, and a teacher’s manual that includes music, guitar chords, words, percussion arrangements, and ideas on how to best use the material. Track titles Vol 3: Jam Like That, Tango Today, Wet Day Blues, Sansa Kroma, Chester’s Cool School Band, Friends Forever, Jamaican Jive, Jazzy Jive, Manana Banana, Synco-copation

About The Take Orff with Jazz Product Range

‘Take Orff with Jazz’ is a series of 3 CD’s and teacher’s manuals made up of activities collected from the “Welcome to Music” series. They are classroom jazz arrangements based on the Orff Schulwerk approach.Great value – purchase all 3 volumes for only $169!

Track Listing

To listen to any of these tracks, click the play button next to each track title.

1 – Jam Like That (TOJ Vol. 3)
2 – Tango Today (TOJ Vol. 3)
3 – Wet Day Blues (TOJ Vol. 3)
4 – Sansa Kroma (TOJ Vol. 3)
5 – Chester’s Cool School Band (TOJ Vol. 3) Listen
6 – Friends Forever (TOJ Vol. 3)
7 – Jamaican Jive (TOJ Vol. 3) Listen
8 – Jazzy Jive (TOJ Vol. 3)
9 – Manana Banana (TOJ Vol. 3)
10 – Synco-copation (TOJ Vol. 3)

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