Take Orff with Recorder -interactive version



Animated and talking characters interactive live recorder fingering, fast and slow recorder, free lite version of recorder testing, and interactive activities for your students. Download ‘Songtorch’ for FREE from ‘Related links’ above to see demos and to use with this resource.

About The Take Orff with Recorder Product Range

‘Take Orff with Recorder’ is a collection of classroom recorder arrangements based on the Orff Schulwerk approach. It includes original pieces from the ‘Welcome to Music’ series adapted and modified for recorder in various styles including jazz, blues, latin, reggae, calypso etc. All pieces have opportunities for recorder improvisation and can combine speech, body percussion, singing, movement, dance and percussion instruments. The repertoire is applicable for 8-12 year olds.
The teacher’s kit consists of 2 CDs – recorder/vocal CD, Baktraks CD and a teacher’s manual. The manual includes full percussion arrangements, guitar chords, lyrics and individual recorder and percussion scores for classroom use with photocopy permission. Various ‘Orff’ techniques are used such as imitation, echo, ostinato, canon and question and answer to help make learning the recorder easy, fun and accessible to all.

Track Listing

To listen to any of these tracks, click the play button next to each track title.

1 – Jazzy Jive Listen
2 – Song to the Mountains
3 – Jamaican Jive
4 – Swingin’ Bones Listen
5 – Sing, Jam and Jive
6 – Jam Like That Listen
7 – Narrabundah
8 – Bossa Beat
9 – Dream Song
10 – Cha Cha Groove Listen
11 – Welcome here Today
12 – Scoo be Doo Song
13 – Fruity Samba
14 – Tango Today
15 – Calypso

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