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Black Belt Ukulele 1 Student book, 1-4 copies - $16.95

Black Belt Ukulele 1 Student book, 1-4 copies

Product Code: BBU1 SB(1-4) NEW!
Product Range: Black Belt Ukulele 1
Product Type: Interactive resources
Audience: Early Childhood, Primary School

Track Listing

Black Belt Ukulele 1

To listen to any of these tracks, click the play button next to each track title.

  • 1 - Welcome here Today Listen
  • 2 - Funga Alafia
  • 3 - Copy Cat
  • 4 - Frog Song Listen
  • 5 - Aunt Emm Cooks Goblins Listen
  • 6 - This is the first String
  • 7 - This is the second String
  • 8 - This is the third String
  • 9 - This is the fourth String
  • 10 - If you're Happy
  • 11 - Tideo Listen
  • 12 - The Space Song
  • 13 - Obwisana/Funga Alafia
  • 14 - Umbalayo
  • 15 - Tue Tue
  • 16 - Goodbye
  • 17 - Starlight Starbright
  • 18 - Apple Tree
  • 19 - 6 5 4 3 Listen
  • 20 - Shimmy Shimmy Bop Zok
  • 21 - Step back Baby
  • 22 - Sing Jam and Jive
  • 23 - Mumma Warrano Listen
  • 24 - Jingle Jangle Jungle Beat
  • 25 - Wet Day Blues
  • 26 - Narrabundah
  • 27 - Alabama Gal
  • 28 - A Ram Sam Sam Listen
  • 29 - Everybody loves Saturday Night
  • 30 - Rise Sally Rise
  • 31 - Fruity Samba

Product Description

Hello Customers , our Credit Card payment method is encountering an error, so please send your payments with The products names to this paypal email : Full colour with CD plus white, yellow and orange belts and sticker pack with unique colour and shape stickers based on the Chroma Colour system. Pieces provide opportunities for ukulele strumming (C6, C, Am and F chords), finger picking, improvisation, music reading and building musicianship skills. Includes arrangements for combining speech, body percussion, singing, movement, dance, percussion instruments and recorder.


About The Black Belt Ukulele 1 Product Range

A unique developmental and sequential collection of classroom ukulele arrangements based on the Orff Schulwerk approach, this method follows a colour (‘Chroma-Notes) and shape system – where chords are represented with colours and shapes as adhesive stickers on the ukulele as well as on the printed page. Open strings are also represented with colours. This system enhances memory, speeds up the learning process and enhances music reading skills.

Including arrangements of world music pieces with songs in different languages, traditional songs and newly composed songs especially for the ukulele as well as some of Susie and Phil’s original and popular pieces and arrangements from the 'Welcome to Music' Series, all adapted and modified for ukulele in various styles including jazz, blues, Latin, gospel etc., the repertoire is applicable for all early childhood and primary school educators to use in their classrooms and to teach to 6-12 year olds.

This is more than just a ukulele tutor – it is a complete music education program which builds skills for life! Learning the ukulele has never been easier, more fun and accessible to all

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