Testimonials: Preschool Classes

“We had a great time…the children have been talking about your visit, and today built a large pirate ship so that we could sing the ‘Pat the Pirate’ song outside.

Thanks for all the time and effort that you put into making this event happen for us. We loved it.”

Sue Jetten, Director, New Hope Baptist Preschool, Melbourne

“Phil, we really enjoyed your music program this year and I know that I received a great deal of positive feedback from the parents as their children would ask every morning; “Is it Thursday today? Is it a Phil day?” I think it is a sad thing these days that we haven’t more men in the industry as men bring a different dynamic to the program.

We woman can be very sensible and expect law and order yet men are so much more relaxed and just want more fun! So although I sometimes worried about the children getting out of control and unruly as you had jokes with them and made them laugh you were able to stop it when you thought they had had enough and bring them back in control. And the children just loved laughing and being just a little bit silly!

I know that you were with us for such a short amount of time when we look at it in perspective and there are so many possibilities to include in the program, however I felt that you presented some of the most appropriate and gave enough repetition that the children were familiar with the music and songs and what was expected of them. I know that preparation beforehand also helps a great deal. They truly love Funkey Monkey and singing to him at the beginning of the sessions. Fuzzy is a personal favourite of mine and the anticipation of him popping out of his box is exciting.”

Dianne Goodall,Director Surrey Hills Pre-School, Melbourne