Commissioned Songs

Would you like a school song or a song written for a special occasion? Susie and Phil have written original songs for conferences, films, festivals and other events, with melody line and harmonies for choir, percussion parts, band arrangements and even dance steps.


Music Score

  • The vocal score – do you want a rousing, well -crafted 2 part work (or more) accessible to student performers? Would you like a tuneful, uplifting, memorable and Australian piece with a striking stand-alone chorus?
  • Style – folk, pop, Latin, Jazz, Australian etc?
  • Length of song – most songs are between 3-4 minutes
  • The orchestration
    • Piano accompaniment
    • Percussion– with simple parts for children to play
    • Orchestral Arrangement
    • Dance Arrangement (actions or movements?)
  • About the piece as a whole – the piece could contain various musical techniques that would enable many students to partake in the performance as well as participatory elements. Techniques within the vocals and accompaniment parts could include;
    • Echo singing
    • An optional improvisatory component
    • Call and response
    • Ostinatos – repeated patterns


Consider what the lyrics should be about?

Written Music score and lyrics

Optional written music score – with extras – percussion parts etc


Optional CD Backing track with 2 versions – vocal with instrumental and instrumental version only

Our special package – Contact us for a quote

  1. Music score (vocal part, one to two harmony parts and piano accompaniment)
  2. Lyrics
  3. Computerised music score and lyrics that you can photocopy for all your students
  4. CD Recording – piano, vocal and harmonies that you can make copies of for your students