WTM Licensed Teachers

‘Welcome to Music’ (WtM) Early Childhood (EC) licensed teacher information 2019

What is the WtM EC program?

  • It is a music and movement program for Early Childhood with sequential and developmentally planned activities and thematic ‘Orff’ units for 0-8 years.
  • The lessons contain especially written and recorded original music (by well known and world class music educators and musicians Susie Davies-Splitter & Phil Splitter), traditional and world music.
  • The activities are fun, humorous, engaging and age appropriate for young children with clever lyrics, rhymes, raps, musical stories, dances, songs with infectious melodies, instrumental activities and varied styles of music from folk to rap, rock and jazz.
  • Many activities focus on self expression, creativity and improvisation
  • Each activity has been tried and tested over more than 20 years around the world with funky and appealing music that kids and adults love.
  • The program can be easily used by the non specialist teacher, educator, carer or parent with teaching strategies clearly outlined and user friendly.
  • An opportunity for a special music and bonding time at home, in the car or in class between the child and the parent/carer.
  • Songs are especially written in keys that are appropriate for young children to sing with excellent singing models

The WtM program is about building life skills through an integrated approach

  • This program is an integration of singing, saying, moving, dancing, playing and creating to build skills for life
  • Young children learn to move, dance, sing, play and love music and their confidence and self esteem is enhanced as they develop the unique skills that the gift of music provides.
  • It is designed to promote important life skills such as language, literacy and numeracy, listening, cognitive, social, emotional and motor skills
  • It instills a lifelong appreciation and love of music through the learning of musical concepts, skills, techniques and processes so that children can be involved in music at school and later in life as a listener, performer and/or creator.

WtM Philosophy

  • This program has an open and ‘accessible for all’ philosophy that encourages a playful, inclusive and supportive environment.
  • The program supports a ‘learning through play’ philosophy
  • WtM uses an Orff Schulwerk approach to teaching music and movement.

Background required to become a WtM licensed teacher

  • Have a reasonable singing voice – ability to sing in tune
  • An ability to play simple chords on a ukulele and accompany yourself with songs
  • Able to play simple melodies on the descant recorder
  • Have a basic understanding of music
  • Have a love for young children
  • Able to relate and communicate well with adults and groups
  • Have an outgoing and bright personality
  • Able to demonstrate creativity through activity and lesson extensions
  • Able to work independently, a quick learner, have a sense of responsibility, punctual and reliable.
  • Ideally a background in early childhood and /or primary teaching or a music qualification. This is not essential
  • All teachers need to have their own mobile phone, internet access, ideally a car with current license and working with children check.

How to become a WtM EC licensed teacher?

  • Complete the minimum 62 hours of WtM training (see details below)
  • Satisfactorily complete the WtM interview
  • Be invited to join
  • Join the WtM licensed teacher membership

Training required to become a WtM EC licensed teacher

Babies & Tots training 5 hours

  • Stage 1 training (3-8’s) 10 hrs
  • Satisfactory completion of:
    • Stage 2 training (3-8’s) 10 hrs
    • At this training, educators will be invited to become WtM EC licensed teachers
    • Educators who have completed the online training will need to provide a video of themselves teaching a class of young children
    • Orff level 1 training (face to face) 37 hrs
  • Orff training to be completed within one year of the WtM training
  • Total hours 62 hours

Interview includes ability to:

  • Sing a well known song in a range appropriate for young children accompanied by a ukulele – to demonstrate an ability to sing in tune, play simple chords on the ukulele and keep in time.
  • Talk about why you would like to become a WtM EC licensed teacher

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Membership information for WtM EC licensed teachers

A yearly membership entitles you to:

  • Teach the WtM EC program in child care centres and schools (up to grade 2)
  • Set up your own classes and use the program
  • Be recommended by our head office for teaching work in child care centres, schools and other settings around Australia and overseas
  • Promote your services as part of the WtM website, facebook page and email newsletters
  • Access to music program updates
  • Exclusive webinars for WtM trainers
  • Some one on one teaching assistance as a follow up
  • Become an important and active member of the WtM community
  • Discounts at WtM PLAYshops, courses and events
  • Discounts on all resources, instruments and equipment
  • Present WtM PD workshops for early childhood educators (this is for approved teachers only)

Training Materials for WtM EC licensed teachers include:

  • Module 1 –an introductory eight lesson plans with extensions (that equates to the first term) for each age range 0-3 and 3-6 years (Stage 1)
  • Module 2 – a further and extended eight lesson plans with extensions for each 3-8 years (Stage 2)
  • Thematic Orff units for the 4-8 year olds (Stage 1 & 2)
  • Notation, lyrics and chords to all songs and activities
  • Access to videos of many of the lessons on the WtM you tube channel and website
  • Knowledge about how to extend most activities over many lessons
  • Teaching procedures for all activities
  • Reference to curriculum for all activities

Reference to teaching aids and equipment for all activities

Supporting documents include:

  • Music advocacy
  • Benefits of a music program for children and research
  • Understanding of the curriculum
  • Teaching tips and classroom management
  • Orff Schulwerk
  • Kodaly
  • How to build teacher confidence
  • And more!


  • Modules 3 & 4 (that equate to terms 3 and 4) available for 0-3 and 3-6 age groups.
  • All vocal audio tracks are available on ITunes
  • All vocal and backing tracks are available as part of the WtM resource range
  • Props, instruments and equipment need to be purchased – recommendations of suitable resellers are given

Ongoing membership and training

Whilst you continue to use the WtM program and receive any form of remuneration for classes, you must renew your membership each year.

You will be required to attend ongoing training of a minimum of 10

hours per year with further peer teaching assessment face to face or via video link up

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