Testimonials: Conferences and Concerts

Just a quick note on behalf of the TASME to thank you for your presentation as part of the 2015 ASME State Conference recently. The feedback has been really positive and I know that this was in large part due to the quality of presentations and performances. Susie we so appreciate your unique contribution to the conference, for your energy, skills, passion and love. Your sessions were a joy to attend and so full of musical and educational insight. I know that so many got so much from your sessions and that this will continue to trickle down into classrooms in coming months. Again thank you so much for your support of music education in Tassie.

Dr Bill Baker, Lecturer in Arts Education, University of Tasmania

We really enjoyed having Susie & Phil as part of our Communities for Children Professional Forum this year. Susie and Phil are a wealth of knowledge and provided a fantastic educational and entertaining Keynote that had everyone motovated and up and moving. Susie and Phil also delighted and entertained our audience with their beautiful songs performed at the C4C Dinner. 
Susie and Phil’s inspirational workshops provided practical information, tools and resources and had participants engaged in trying new things and stretching their imagination. “Lots of Fun!” It was a real pleasure to meet and work with Susie and Phil and hope the opportunity arrises again sometime soon.

Kind regards

Debbie Flaherty

Program Support & Liaison Officer – Communities for Children

Gladstone Area Promotion and Development Limited (GAPDL)

Dear Susie and Phil

What a wonderful Forum we had this year attributable to a large extent to your entertaining and enlightening presentation and workshops. I can only confirm Debbie’s words about the positive feedback from all sides. Thank you for sharing your special gifts so encouragingly. We all benefited from your wealth of experience – and I had so much fun in the process. Thank you. Now I just have to put it into practice with my own children.

Josh Ariens, Project Manager – Communities for Children

Gladstone Area Promotion and Development Limited (GAPDL)

Hi Phil,

I can’t tell you how much I appreciated having you at the Knox festival today – I told my husband Andy it was a bit like the Queen coming to support the school bake sale!! The performance was great!! Certainly adds a lot of energy, and the kids thought it was a great novelty – my kids went to bed talking about Funkey Monkey – “the REAL Funkey monkey, not the toy one!”

I know your time is precious, and I really valued your time and input at the marquee too – so once again Thank you!

No doubt we’ll bump into each other soon!


Kate Phillips, Mini Maestros Franchisee

Dear Susie and Phil,What an OUTSTANDING performance you gave us on Wednesday, 2nd February 2011 at the TBI Friendship Club.Thank You, Thank You, Thank You to you, for such professionalism and wonderful music. Words cannot express our extreme gratitude to you for the effort you put in to come and entertain our TBI Friendship Club Members.The comments after the show were only praise for your superb concert.

Once again, many thanks – it was BRILLIANT.

Kind regards,

Sandra Farber and Ron AaronsTBI Friendship Club Entertainment Co-Ordinators

A Susie and Phil concert is one that can be guaranteed to not only entertain but also educate. Full audience participation and engagement is the key to their success. Songs that are fun, catchy and inventive, incorporate body percussion activities and enable students of all ages to participate make their concerts a great activity for the whole school.

Jan Wagner, Head of Junior School Music, Tintern Schools, Melbourne

Susie and Phil brought their vast knowledge and enthusiasm for music to the Education and Community Outreach program at the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra. Presenting as part of the Classic Kids series, Phil and Susie were interactive and animated in their presentation of orchestral works and made a wonderful connection with audience members. They gave their all in the performance and preparations for these concerts and any one that books them will receive no less than 100% from them.

Katherine Kerezsi, Manager – Education and Community Outreach, Melbourne Symphony Orchestra


Susie & Phil were absolutely fantastic, their concert was bright and boppy and lots of fun. The Residents loved it, we’ll definitely have them back again. Thank you so much for organising them for us.

Karen, Co-ordinator, Coppin Community Aged care centre, Melbourne

ECTA conference

On a personal note, I’d like to express my absolute delight with your entire presentation on the day. The introduction of the ECTA theme song before morning tea set the tone for a relaxed, light-hearted atmosphere; which continued throughout the day. I was thrilled to be able to participate with you in the many familiar action songs from your recordings. I smile as my preschoolers and I do the Funky Monkey, as I recall Funkey Phil, and am now an expert at doing the actions. I looked around the group during your presentation and noticed the high level of participation and energy in the auditorium, and the rapport and interaction amongst the participants, and it occured to me yet again how important music is in our lives and in the development of young children. I thoroughly enjoyed your masterclass which I thought was well-planned, sequenced and presented with warmth and integrity. Thank You for coming and sharing your passion for music with us!
Robbie Leikvold, ECTA Conference Co-Convener. Qld

Mt Evelyn Early childhood conference

We really enjoyed having “Phil & Susie” to open our early childhood conference in the Yarra Ranges with their entertaining and educational performance. Feedback from our participants indicates they found it ‘fantastic’, ‘inspiring’ and ‘lots of fun’. As well as encouraging us to broaden the music we present to the children we teach, it also gave us lots of ideas on how to do so. In addition, Phil & Susie set the tone for our conference day as a great day of fun, enthusiasm and learning for us all.

Cath Wood, Vic

Hunter Children’s Services Forum Inc. Early Childhood Conference in Newcastle, NSW.

We were delighted to promote ‘Welcome to Music’ within our conference program.

Susie and Phil made an exceptional contribution to the full day conference, conducting two wonderful workshops and a mid-day whole participant performance known as ‘Butt Busters’.Their level of energy, enthusiasm and passion for their profession was evident throughout the day.From our participant evaluations several positive comments were noted and compiled as below…

“Great! A fantastic presentation, well sequenced & extremely practical”

“A most enjoyable workshop…my shoes are still tapping”

“I took away some great ideas and still have the inspirational music in my head”

“A lot of fun, loads of learning”

“Their passion shone thru, very encouraging”

“Excellent, and not intimidating in any way”

It certainly was a pleasure dealing with Susie and Phil and we hope the opportunity arises again some day soon! It would be an honour to recommend this duo to anyone requiring a high energy, motivating presentation and/or an extensive range of practical and educational music resources.

We thank Susie and Phil for their commitment to music and the field of Early Childhood Education.

Michelle Stone, Project Officer, Hunter Children’s Services Forum Inc.

Education Week Open Evening, Jells Park Primary School, Vic

Susie Davies-Splitter and Phil Splitter were guest speakers at our recent Education Week Open Evening. They were a huge success. They managed to involve the audience of adults and children in singing, movement and body percussion. Our topic was ‘Fit for Life’ and Susie was able to convey the message that what we do prepares children for life, physically and emotionally. The smile on the participants faces was all the proof that was needed.

Jells Park Primary School have recently purchased all of Susie and Phil’s Educational resources and have already experienced the success of performing their inspiring songs. The beauty of the books and CD’s is their versatility. They are appropriate for children and adults of all ages. They allow for individual differences within your class group, providing challenge for beginners and experienced musicians.

Susie and Phil really are two of our National Treasures. They are very generous with their compositions and have made a set of valuable resources accessible to all. They are to be congratulated on their achievements. I can’t wait to hear and see their next creative venture and neither can my students!

Mrs Ann Earle, Music Teacher, Jells Park Primary School

Junior School Heads Association of Australia, Biennial Conference, Melb

Phil was our MC and handled the task admirably. He was good humoured and made sound links between sessions. Susie and Phil also provided music to entertain and involve the audience. This was done through interactive songs that brought the group to life. We thoroughly enjoyed the lyrics, some of which were written specifically for the audience, and the resultant lift from the group singing.

Sheona Carter, Head of Junior School, Korowa Girls School, VIC