Testimonials: General

“Susie and Phil MUST be congratulated on their ability to be so vibrant and entertaining to other music people. They obviously love their life and are an inspiration to all people around them.We all learnt so much and especially lots of new ways to inspire our students.”

Kerry Browning, music teacher, Tasmania

“As a practicing music teacher in schools for the last fourteen years, I have found the resources put out by Welcome to Music absolutely invaluable. I love the Orff approach, and Susie and Phil’s resources take this approach and make it amazingly easy, fun and accessible for all ages and types of children. With them I can deliver valuable, truly musical and educational experiences whether I have a well-appointed music room or just an ipod dock. I have yet to meet a small child who doesn’t love moving and grooving to the jazz based dances which teach so much about movement and phrasing and opens the door on playing. Movement is an oft neglected facet of music education and these resources make it easy and fun to introduce movement to children of all ages. On occasion when I have lost my voice or needed to combine classes to help out another teacher, there is nothing better than a playlist full of Susie and Phil’s dances to save the day; with them I can teach all day without needing to speak! For special needs children I cannot recommend Your Stage highly enough. When I began teaching at a school which had an established recorder program for years 2 and 3 I purchased Take Orff With Recorder and it has been hugely motivating and engaging for those children ever since. I have found that boys in particular love the jazz and latin styles and work hard to achieve each song. My upper primary classes love playing the Orff arrangements and delight in the success that the simple arrangements and groovy rhythms make so accessible at an elemental level. Whether you are an experienced Orff practitioner or a beginning teacher who has been thrust unprepared into the wonderful world of teaching music, these resources will be immensely valuable to you.”

Angela Chapman, The Launceston Preparatory School, Tasmania

“Hi Susie and Phil,

I don’t believe we’ve ever met, but I just wanted to say thank you for your music. I love singing, and when I was in primary school my mother (Martina Golding, who is a primary school music teacher) had a CD of your songs that I loved! So much so that when I was twelve years old I insisted to our music teacher Pauline Greaves that we should write our annual school musical (Roslyn Primary School in Geelong) based around your music. She relented, and we did! It was called “Cool School”…

... Anyway I saw that you were friends with Mum on facebook and just had to let you know that your work is appreciated. Sometimes it’s nice to be told, right? “

Cheers, Sarah Golding

“I would just also like to say, your music classes have made my placement experience so worthwhile. There were many situations where the staff in my room asked me to run group time and sing songs with the children, and with my confidence levels already peaking from your classes, i found this task extremely easy and enjoyable. I was able to demonstrate new dance moves and introduce new songs to the children which they all loved. And therefore I would just like to say thankyou so much for commitment and drive to teach us such necessary and worthwhile techniques to employ in the classroom.”

Amelia Busby, ACU student

“And I just have to say Susie – that you and Phil are gurus to me! I think you both deserve Australian of the Year titles for all you have contributed to the cause of music in Australia (and beyond), and if it wasn’t for your entrepreneurial visions and production of your resources, our country would be a much poorer place. You have both contributed an amazing music legacy, and I know that the costs to do this are enormous and you deserve enormous thanks from us all.”

Lynne Pilbrow, Music educator, Canberra 9.11

“The Welcome to Music Program delivered at our Country Areas Program teachers’ workshop was outstanding. Our teachers gained practical and valuable knowledge and skills which were easily transferred to the classroom. I would highly recommend this program for all preschool to primary teachers who are looking to enhance their music program. We look forward to working with Phil in future Northern CAP initiatives.”

Shelli Morse, CAP consultant