Testimonials: Our enews ‘Musicnotes’

Hi Susie and Phil,

I’ve just read your newsletter and article. Just wanted to say how much I loved it. I often feel like a lone voice in the wilderness getting my message out that you don’t have to have a music background to teach music. Your article says the same thing beautifully. Congratulations also on your recent international songwriting win – I have sent congrats to Phil previously.

It is a privilege and a pleasure promoting your work indirectly through Kidz-Fiz-Biz. Keep it up – you are both inspirational.

Best wishes,

Marlene Rattigan, Early Childhood Educator and Author, WA

Dear Susie and Phil,

I have just received your recent newsletter. Thank you very much, they are always filled with so much valuable information and it really helps to keep in touch with what is happening in music education within Australia.

Karen Wandel, Preparatory Music Specialist, SA