About The Black Belt Ukulele (BBU) Product Range: General Information

About The Black Belt Ukulele (BBU) Product Range: General Information

All songs composed and/or arranged and recorded by Susie Davies-Splitter & Phil Splitter (Welcome to Music). Program written by Susie Davies-Splitter, Phil Splitter & Drew Burns (IJam).

A unique developmental and sequential collection of classroom ukulele arrangements based on the Orff Schulwerk approach, this method follows a colour (‘Chroma-Notes’) and shape system – where chords are represented with colours and shapes as adhesive stickers on the ukulele as well as on the printed page. Open strings are also represented with colours.

This system enhances memory, speeds up the learning process and enhances music reading skills.

Including arrangements of world music pieces with songs in different languages, traditional songs and newly composed songs especially for the ukulele as well as some of Susie and Phil’s original and popular pieces and arrangements from the ‘Welcome to Music’ Series, all adapted and modified for ukulele in various styles including jazz, blues, Latin, gospel etc. The repertoire is applicable for all school educators to use in their classrooms and to teach to 6-12 year olds.

These products use a multi-modal and multi-sensory approach to help make the learning stick! They include arrangements for combining speech, body percussion, singing, movement, percussion instruments and recorder.

Benefits for All Students to Learn the Ukulele

  • It is very easy to play, lightweight and no musical experience is necessary
  • It is a REAL instrument that is inexpensive compared to most other instruments
  • It can aide in social and emotional skills, listening skills, inhibitory control, understanding values (respect, taking care of), creativity and self-expression
  • It is tuned in a C chord (C6 to be exact) which makes it easy to play lots of songs using open strings (no fingers needed initially to make chords)
  • It is a good key to sing songs in
  • Simple melodies can be played on the open strings
  • It provides opportunities for music reading, composition and building musicianship skills.
  • It works beautifully in combination with speech, body percussion, singing, movement, dance, percussion instruments and recorder.
  • As songs and activities progress into different keys – the ukulele learning can be extended to embrace strumming, playing melodies, harmonies and improvising
  • As a modern and popular instrument, the ukulele can easily move into all musical styles including blues, jazz and popular repertoire.

About SongTorch & Audio Tracks

Blackbelt Ukulele digital products (Multi-Media Teacher’s Pack, all audio tracks, and Student Access) are available inside SongTorch – a free app from IJam that allows you to create and share songs and multimedia books on any device – PC, Mac, iPad/iPhone/iPod, Android, Amazon, Data projector and IWB. Students can get free student versions, teachers can track student progress, and free help is always available at IJam.

Blackbelt Ukulele Tracks

  • Blackbelt Ukulele Vocal Tracks are available for teachers through the purchase of the Multi-Media Teacher’s Pack and Student Books. They are available for students through the purchase of the Student Books.
  • Blackbelt Ukulele Backing Tracks are available for teachers through the purchase of the Multi-Media resource and Worksheet Book.

Available Products in The Blackbelt Ukulele (BBU) Range

Books 1, 2 & 3

Student book (physical book with SongTorch app access) with vocal and ukulele audio tracks and 3 belts.

These books are not photocopiable and are sold at a low price, in full colour, and with an audio app. They each include three coloured karate belt ribbons for children to tie around the head of their ukulele helping to make this learning method a lot of fun!

Available for purchase individually or discounted for bulk purchasing. See individual product listings for pricing options.

Sticker Packwith colour and shape stickers based on the colour chroma system. This is available separately and is recommended for BBU 1 & 2

Worksheet book (physical book with digital backing tracks in SongTorch) includes photocopiable worksheets, certificates, and Backing audio tracks with black belt ribbon.

Multi-media Teacher’s Pack includes – all the teacher’s notes, worksheets, interactive activities, student tracker, free student version of all interactive activities and more.

Starter Kit includes a preview of everything in each Black Belt Ukulele series. It includes (1) student book, (1) student multimedia, (1) teacher’s multimedia, (1) worksheet copy book, (1) backing audio app, (1) sticker sheet as well as various extra activities (see individual listings for more information).         

Teachers: Be sure to check out the discounted half class pack (15 books) and full class pack (30 books) that comes with a Worksheet Book and Teacher’s Multi Media Pack. Class packs are discounted off the individual prices.

Buying for multiple teachers? The Blackbelt Ukulele system is available with multiple teacher licences on 1, 5, or 10 devices in schools with multiple teachers.

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