Getting Started with Black Belt Ukulele

Below you will find a quick primer to getting started with Black Belt Ukulele as well as previews of the app!
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Before You Start Black Belt Ukulele, We Highly Recommend a Few Things…

The Black Belt Ukulele 1, 2, or 3 Starter Kit for the Educator. This includes:

  • Student Book – with 3 belts and audio tracks available on SongTorch
  • Teacher’s Multimedia Pack – includes all the teachers notes, music notation, lyrics and chords, interactive learning with animations and talking characters, downloadable worksheets, interactive activities, 3 x extra songs and activities, interactive ukulele fingering, student tracker, belt assessment tests/reviews, free student lite version of all interactive activities, vocal, backing and individual strumming and finger picking ukulele audio tracks – all available on SongTorch. It can be used on an interactive whiteboard, data projector, PC, Mac, IPad, Android, IPhone and more. Switch between all devices anytime, easily in seconds. You can have multiple devices logged in at the same time and have a different song or multimedia program open on each.
  • Worksheet Copy Book with black belt and backing audio tracks available on SongTorch
  • Sticker pack

A half or full set of ukuleles for the studentsit’s important to purchase a reasonable ukulele that has good quality strings that will stay in tune. Have a class set of ukuleles or at least one between two students – ideally students have their own instrument at home to practice or offer the opportunity for students to practice at school during breaks or before or after school.

A half or full set of student books for the students with sticker packs for each student

A few tuners

Getting Started with Black Belt Ukulele

1. Download your free copy of SongTorch.

Simply download the SongTorch app for any device – PC, Mac, iPad/iPhone/iPod, Android, (and many other devices by searching for ‘SongTorch’ from your device’s app library) and log in with your unique code that is emailed to you for each individual product purchased.
This includes audio tracks, multi-media and interactive songs and activities.

2. All of your purchases will show up as a SongTorch index as per below.

Demos of all SongTorch songs and programs are also available.
Click on your products to download – this will take a few minutes.

Index for all SongTorch products with demos.
Index for your purchased products.

3. Get instant help at iJam

Help is available through iJam including a live chat!

4. Teacher’s Multi Media Pack

‘Go Interactive’ Pageregister all of your students here with their email addresses.
Students will then get access to the interactive student lite version of this program on their own computer or device.
They can set up their avatar and take the tests/reviews and earn stars and also graduate with a certificate after they have completed each belt.

Student Avatar Set-Up

5. Student Tracker

Tracks your students’ progress automatically and saves you so much time.

This provides instant assessment and information for reporting.

View of Student Tracker

6. Blackbelt Ukulele 1 Teacher’s Multi-Media Pack: Contains 3 extra preparation songs and activities

Pass the Sound Around
Sitting in a circle with ukes on laps facing down
(resting position) pass a short uke sound around
on the beat. This could be a tap/scratch/knock etc.
Whoever makes the sound on the final beat of the song improvises sounds on the uke and everyone echoes. These sounds can include tapping/knocking/scratching patterns, strumming, picking etc.

Pass the Sound Around
The Uke Rap

The Uke Rap

Learn about all of the uke parts. Say the rap and improvise on the various uke parts as per the instructions

Left Fret-Hand Finger Play

Activate each finger in turn on the left hand as you say or sing the song. Stand opposite a partner and connect each finger together as you say or sing.
Start with one hand, the other hand, both hands then cross over hands.

Left Fret Hand Finger Play

7. Blackbelt Ukulele 1 Teacher’s Multi-Media Index: Preview

Home Screen for Teacher’s Multi-Media: Black Belt Ukulele 1

8. Blackbelt Ukulele 1 Teacher’s Multi-Media Pages: Preview

On these pages you have access to a slow and fast version of the audio plus Susie’s Orff notes. A white light moves along with the audio track highlighting the music notation, words and strumming patterns. An interactive ukulele shows you the chord fingering on the uke neck.

‘Welcome Here Today’ Preview

Welcome Here Today – 1
Welcome Here Today – 2

‘Tideo’ Preview: Introducing the C Chord

Tideo – 1
Tideo 2

‘Step Back Baby’ Preview: Introducing the Am Chord

Step Back Baby – 1
Step Back Baby – 2′

Narrabundah’ Preview: Introducing the F Chord

Narrabundah – 1
Narrabundah – 2

9. Blackbelt Ukulele 1 Teacher’s Multi-Media Sample Interactive Activities

On these pages, students are able to move the ukulele part name to the correct position on the instrument, move the plugs to connect a strum to a name, move a chord diagram to match a chord, a rhythmic note to a beat heart, a pitched note to a line on the treble stave and much more.

Students receive a star for the correct placement.

Strumming Patterns Activity Sample
Chord Shapes Activity Sample
Starlight Rhythms Sample
Shimmy Notation Sample

10. Blackbelt Ukulele 1 Teacher’s Multi-Media Test Review/Assessment Examples

As each belt is completed (8-10 activities), students can do their test review.

Each belt test/review includes general knowledge and revision where students write or draw in the allocated boxes such as a particular strum or chord diagram, finger numbers, string names and numbers, time signature etc.

Skills include tone quality (even strum, even picking, playing in time, singing in time and pleasant volume), playing various strums, finger-picking, playing chords, and improvisation.

Students are asked to play the fast versions of 3 songs in each belt for their teacher or parent. They are given a rating of 1, 2 or 3 (trying, almost, success) out of 3 stars for each of the skill categories.

Once the students succeed, they can have a graduation ceremony and receive their certificate and tie the appropriate belt around the neck of their uke.

Belt Review
Belt Certificate

Black Belt Ukulele Tutorial: Learn More! 

If you are considering ‘Black Belt Ukulele,’ we encourage you to view this tutorial for more information about the program, the system, and the app. Please note that CDs referenced in the video have been replaced with audio tracks inside of the SongTorch app.

This is more than just a ukulele tutor – it is a complete music education program that builds skills for life! Learning the ukulele has never been easier, more fun, and accessible to all!