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A huge welcome to episode 14 of the Welcome to Music podcast – Sing Me a Story – Part 1.

Our most recent webinar was ‘Sing Me a Story’ – literacy and music for 3-8 years and as it’s such an important and popular topic – I’m going to share some extensions and devote 2 whole podcast episodes – part 1 & 2 to this topic.

A few weeks ago, Phil and I released a brand new album not on cassette tape, not on CD, but on streaming services such as Spotify and Apple Music called ‘Sing Me a Story’ – it’s a whole new world. This album contains 12 story songs with 5 new musical stories. There’s a mix of traditional and original stories that are perfect for 2-8 years, helping young kiddos to engage in a multi-sensory experience of listening, reading, singing, moving, and playing instruments.

This album integrates literacy skills such as pre-reading, reading, writing, and spelling into each enchanting tale while also nurturing creativity, self-esteem, and confidence in every child. From the whimsical adventures of ‘The 3 Little Pigs Rap’ to the toe-tapping rhythms of ‘Backyard Blues,’ each story song sparks imagination and invites participation. Extend the fun by expanding characters, crafting new material, or even creating mini-musicals with visual arts and design.

Each story song has been beautifully illustrated and turned into a flip book that turn pages online that include audio track, lyrics, activities, song notation, literacy worksheets & teacher and parent notes. And there is an animation video to go with each story song on our YouTube channel.

You can see the full range of our digital story song flip books at https://welcometomusic.net/product-category/sing-me-a-story-story-books/

In the webinar, I shared 3 of our new story songs The 3 Little Pigs Rap rewritten and newly adapted, Oh In the Woods and Down By the Bay – also adapted with new lyrics. These are popular story songs and I have another 4 story songs to share with you over the next 2 episodes.

  • Oh My Aunt Came Back
  • The Tiny Caterpillar
  • The Gingerbread Man
  • Backyard Blues

To access all the extras such as music notation, harmonies, ukulele, recorder and percussion parts, join our Welcome to Music Membership  https://welcometomusic.podia.com/welcome-to-music-membership-plan.