New Album Out Now! Click to learn more about ‘Sing Me a Story’!

We recently released our brand new album on all of the streaming services, ‘Sing Me a Story’. As well as several golden oldies, we have recently recorded 5 new story songs that I have been using in schools for the last few years with lots of success. Of course Phil and I have put our own spin on many of the stories as you will hear! Here are the new story songs:

  • Down by the Bay
  • Oh My Aunt Came Back
  • Oh In the Woods
  • The Gingerbread Man
  • The 3 Little Pigs Rap

A huge thank you goes to Emma Cooper for organising her daughter and 4 others (friends and students) to sing on the album – these gals did such an amazing job!! A massive thank you goes to:
Raphaela Bebeklis, Leah Cooper, Ella Haney, Ivy Haney and Chanelle Pereira

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