Anything is Possible – Choral Pack (Physical Item)



About the ‘Anything is Possible’ Product Range

Anything is Possible is part of the Welcome to Music Choral/Positive Music Series comprising original and uplifting songs to motivate, energise, inspire and promote self-esteem and confidence.

About the Songs:

  • All songs can be sung in unison as well as 2, 3 or 4 parts and are suitable for beginner to more advanced choirs and classroom singing
  • Styles range from Folk to Pop to Latin to Rock
  • Many of the songs have sections with ‘Na’s’, ‘Do’s’, ‘Ba’s’ etc to make the learning inclusive for all
  • We use various Orff techniques such as echo, ostinato (repeated patterns), Verse against Chorus, canon (rounds) and pentatonic melodies to help make the teaching process easy, fun and effective and to make the learning stick.
  • The songs are in appropriate keys with appropriate lyrics and styles
  • The songs include some of the following – movement, actions, body percussion, percussion arrangements, ukuleles and guitar chords, piano accompaniments and opportunities for vocal improvisation.
  • Many of the songs make a great choice for concerts and graduations

The Anything is Possible products range includes digital & physical products (view all ‘Anything Is Possible’ products – click here):

  • A Choral Pack with 15 x individual choral arrangements comprising lyrics, piano accompaniments, harmonies and ukulele/guitar chords
    • Please note that this kit is for perusal only. 
  • 15 x individual choral arrangements
  • Lyric book with suggestions for use
  • Vocal audio tracks x 15
  • Backing audio tracks x 15

This ‘Anything Is Possible’ Choral Pack Includes:

  • 1 Choral Pack (physical version) including:
    • 15 x individual choral arrangements comprising lyrics, piano accompaniments, harmonies and ukulele/guitar chords
    • Please note that this kit is for perusal only. Standard Performance Licences & AMCOS Licences are sold separately on the website as part of the purchase of each individual choral arrangement set (minimum purchase of 5 copies). Not-for-profit performances are covered if you don’t reproduce this music (teach by rote).

By purchasing from this website, you acknowledge that you have read and understand this agreement.

Note: Item will ship to you after purchase. Physical items may appear slightly different from images shown on this page.


Titles Include:


These songs will help YOU and your students…

  • Promote self-esteem and confidence
  • Achieve your dreams
  • Find joy in each day
  • Encourage acceptance and tolerance
  • Have pride in your country
  • Recharge your batteries and stay positive
  • Know that anything is possible
  • Promote the importance of music and creativity in your lives


Our Message to You

Everyone has a gift – our gift to you is music! We believe it can bring joy to everybody’s lives – whether you sing it, dance to it or just listen to it. Our wish is that not only will you enjoy our music, but that it will inspire, motivate, energise and enrich your life, and in doing so help you to discover your own gifts and uncover your full potential. Then you will truly know that ‘Anything is Possible’. — Susie and Phil


Susie & Phil’s Philosophy

  • We believe that everyone can be a successful musical participant regardless of their background.
  • To present music in a range of styles from folk to rap, world music, pop, rock and jazz.
  • To enable the class teacher to easily reinforce the activities that are fun to implement
  • To use a multi-modal, multi-sensory and whole-body approach to help make the learning stick.
  • To encourage students to sing, move, dance, play instruments, create, explore, improvise compose and perform (It’s so good for their self-esteem, confidence and self-expression).
  • To enrich lives and connect ourselves and others to our hearts and inner beauty and potential to be creative and compassionate human beings.
  • To help students feel good about themselves, develop their self-expression and enhance health and well-being through the joy of music.
  • To build happy and healthy communities through inclusive music for all ages, abilities and cultures
  • To help raise the awareness of the importance of active music-making in schools and communities

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