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About The AlphabetZ Product Range

‘AlphabetZ’ – 26 original and fun character songs from A to Z written by Susie and Phil, with a focus on literacy, for children up to 8 years. There is a song for each letter of the alphabet such as ‘Ally the Alligator’, ‘Ben the Bear’, ‘Cooper the Caterpillar’, which introduce letters and sounds in the first steps to learning to read through songs, games, movement, listening and instruments.

These songs were written for Maureen Pollard’s wonderful literacy resource ‘Milo’s Birthday Surprise’. Maureen is a literacy consultant who is passionate about helping teachers and parents understand the skills involved in teaching children to read and write and she has a business called ‘Little Learners Love Literacy’.

Through singing, moving, games, and playing instruments, letters and sounds can be introduced to children using the names of Milo’s animal friends as a memory jogger. Becoming aware of the link between sounds and letters is the first step in learning to read and then write and spell.  Phonemic awareness activities focusing on blending and segmenting of sounds are an integral part of the program.


Included in this Instant Download:

  • All 26 Mp3 Tracks from the AlphabetZ Vocal Track Album
    • To preview tracks, click the “Track Listing” tab above.
  • Front & Back Cover Images

*Note: Files will be available to download immediately upon purchase in .zip format (size: approx. 75MB).


Sole-User License & Track Information- Please Read

All of our digital albums are licensed for a sole user which covers one individual teacher wherever they teach.
If purchasing for multiple teachers at a school, we ask that you please purchase one copy per individual teacher and refrain from sharing files with others.
All digital distributions of files incorporating our music to students must be behind a login or password and not publicly accessible.
Students are not permitted to download Mp3 files.

By purchasing from this website, you acknowledge that you have read and understand this agreement.


Additional Track Information

  • Individual vocal tracks are available for student use through Spotify, Apple Music, and iTunes – search ‘Susie Davies-Splitter & Phil Splitter’
  • All Welcome to Music Backing Tracks are only available as part of an album on this website


Susie & Phil’s Philosophy

  • We believe that everyone can be a successful musical participant regardless of their background.
  • To present music in a range of styles from folk to rap, world music, pop, rock and jazz.
  • To enable the class teacher to easily reinforce the activities that are fun to implement
  • To use a multi-modal, multi-sensory and whole-body approach to help make the learning stick.
  • To encourage students to sing, move, dance, play instruments, create, explore, improvise compose and perform (It’s so good for their self-esteem, confidence and self-expression).
  • To enrich lives and connect ourselves and others to our hearts and inner beauty and potential to be creative and compassionate human beings.
  • To help students feel good about themselves, develop their self-expression and enhance health and well-being through the joy of music.
  • To build happy and healthy communities through inclusive music for all ages, abilities and cultures
  • To help raise the awareness of the importance of active music-making in schools and communities

Track Listing

To sample several of these tracks, click the “Listen” button next to each track title.
1 – Ally the Alligator Listen
2 – Ben the Bear
3 – Cooper ther Caterpillar
4 – Daisy the Dog
5 – Eddy the Elephant
6 – Felix the Frog Listen
7 – Gabby the Goat
8 – Harry the Hippo
9 – Izzy the Insect Listen
10 – Jack the Jellyfish Listen
11 – Kylie Koala
12 – Leo the Lion
13 – Milo Monkey
14 – Nellie Numbat Listen
15 – Oscar the Octopus Listen
16 – Peter the Penguin
17 – Queenie the Quail
18 – Roxy the Rabbit
19 – Sally the Snake
20 – Tim the Turtle
21 – Uncle Upton
22 – Vicky the Vulture
23 – Wilbur the Whale
24 – Max the Fox Listen
25 – Yasmin the Yak
26 – Zoe the Zebra

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