How to Play and Teach the Ukulele Advanced Course – On Demand



How to Play & TEACH the Uke – Advanced: On-Demand Video Course

For all Educators working with 10+ years
Pre-requisites: Ability to play C, F, G7, G & D7 and change chords competently.

Instructor – Susie Davies-Splitter (M.Ed)

Your purchase includes:

  • 5+ Hours of On-Demand Videos (5 Sessions) – Keep your access FOREVER!
  • Course Manual & Session Overviews
  • Access to Private Facebook Group for Uke N Sing Participants
  • All Session Handouts
  • Professional Development Certificate


This 5+ Hour, 5-Session ON DEMAND, multi modal & ‘Orff’ based short course is designed to show you how to play and teach:

  • New chords and changes – Dm, D, Em, Edim, E7, Gm, A, A7, Bb, B7

  • More strumming patterns and TAB (Tablature)

  • Finger picking accompaniments and melodies

  • Improvisation at all levels Scales, Modes & ‘Play Along’ Pop Songs

  • Music theory, solfa and hand signs as it relates to the songs

  • Playing and singing songs in a range of styles including pop, blues, jazz, folk, gospel & world music (covering material from Blackbelt Ukulele 3 & more)

  • Incorporating Orff arrangements with body percussion, movement, percussion instruments, recorders and Boomwhackers leading to ensemble work, composition & performance

  • Good playing technique

  • Links to the curriculum and assessment

You will need:

  • A good quality Soprano or Concert (or Tenor) Ukulele
  • Blackbelt Ukulele 3 Starter Pack which includes the Student Book, Worksheet Book and Multi Media Pack – click here to purchase
  • Clip on Tuner or Tuner App
  • Computer and Internet


About Susie Davies-Splitter (M.Ed.)

A few years ago, Susie decided to give the ukulele a go and is absolutely loving the ‘little’ instrument. In that time, she has led many classes for kids and adults as well as used it as part of her performing. She believes that the uke is an inclusive instrument for everyone to enjoy. She always manages to weave in some dancing and lots of laughing and singing into every class too!

Susie is also a music and movement educator, musician, accredited Orff practitioner, award-winning composer, mother to 3 grown up children and one daughter in law and one gorgeous Burmese cat, Molly. Over the last 30 years she has been teaching music and movement in schools, pre-schools and Universities as well as providing teacher training around the world.

Together with her husband Phil, they have developed the highly popular and award-winning ‘Welcome to Music’ series of audio tracks, books, choral arrangements, musicals and story books, written and recorded over 300 songs as well as the ‘Blackbelt Ukulele’ series which are enjoyed extensively by teachers, parents and children of all ages.


Our Goal

Our business is called ’Welcome to Music’ –building confidence and creativity through music.
Our goal is to enrich lives through the joy of music – whether it’s working with little kids, big kids,adults or those in aged care.
To do this we use a multi modal and ‘Orff’ based approach to make the learning stick and believe that everyone can be a successful musical participant regardless of their background.


Our Mission

To enrich lives and connect ourselves and others to our hearts and inner beauty and potential to be
creative and compassionate human beings.

  • To help people feel good about themselves, develop their self-expression and enhance health and well-being through the joy of music.
  • To build happy and healthy communities through inclusive music for all ages, abilities and cultures
  • To help raise the awareness of the importance of active music making in centres, schools and communities around the world.


Testimonials – Uke N Sing Courses

 Amy Young
Thanks, the course was fantastic and very accessible. Each week I learnt something new that I could immediately implement to improve my own playing but also for use in my music classes.

Angela Gionis
Very interactive, huge variety of songs and styles which will cater for many different abilities and age groups- excellent overall approach and very enjoyable as well! Fun, engaging and so appealing to students and teachers alike!


Christine Harwood
I thought the songs were great. I can definitely use them in my teaching. They were really easy and catchy. I thought the techniques of picking and the strumming were really excellent and easy to learn.
Very clear, great pace of learning, clear and precise demonstrations. I thought the course was outstanding!
Keep writing songs and doing what you do! You are fantastic!!


Janice Evans
A wonderfully interactive approach, including much-appreciated improvisation ideas, which are very useful for teaching. It all worked very well. I think it’s fantastic that we – in South Africa, and also others in other parts of the world – have been able to participate in an Australian-based course! I personally think it went very smoothly. I was unable to attend some of the sessions, however, I have enjoyed catching up via the links, and the notes are excellent (as always).


Thank you for providing me with a way to learn ukulele in the comfort of my own home! I have added this to my “things I learned in lockdown” list! And my students have loved learning the ukulele and the songs from Black Belt Ukulele.


Elizabeth Zappia
Well-paced, interesting and motivating. Loved the variety of styles of music and loved every minute and every lesson.