Bop in the Bath – Teacher’s Manual (Physical Item)



About the ‘Bop in the Bath’ Product Range

Bop in the Bath is a part of the Welcome to Music Early Childhood Series. It is an exciting and original collection of participatory songs, dances, jokes, instrumental activities and musical stories for children up to 8 years. Easy, fun, appealing and accessible to all.

It takes you on a journey with ‘The Big Green Tram’ and ‘The Melbourne Train’ with a ‘Bop in the Bath’, a hop and game with ‘Bertie Bunny’, a jiggle and dance in the ‘Jellybean Blues’, an opportunity to play in ‘The Biggest Band’ and ‘Giggle and Pop’ along the way.

To complete the collection, there is a beautiful musical story about ‘The Tiny Caterpillar’ and ‘The Lovely Butterfly’ and a soothing lullaby to sing in front of the fire in ‘It’s Winter Time’.

With opportunities to sing, move, laugh and play instruments together this will be a welcome addition to your household or classroom music collection.


This Teacher’s Manual* Includes:

  • A Teacher’s Manual that includes reproducible music, guitar/ukulele chords, song lyrics, percussion arrangements, suggestions for improvisation and ideas on how to best use the material.
    • To preview the first several pages of this book (including a listing of included songs, intro, and music for one song), click on the preview images above (watermarks are removed from the purchased product).

*Note: The Teacher’s Manual Book will be shipped to you after purchase. Physical items will appear slightly different from the images shown on this page.


Sole-User License Information – Please Read

  • All of our digital and physical books, activities & albums are licensed for a sole user which covers one individual teacher wherever they teach. If purchasing for multiple teachers at a school, we ask that you please purchase one copy per individual teacher.
  • Upon purchase, you are granted one (1) sole user license holder to reproduce the music and words from the ‘Bop in the Bath’ music book in quantities suitable for their individual non-commercial classroom use only. All digital distributions of book pages to students must be behind a login or password and not publicly accessible.
  • Your honesty and integrity are appreciated to keep composers like us writing and recording.

By purchasing from this website, you acknowledge that you have read and understand this agreement.


Additional Track Information

  • Individual vocal tracks are available for student use through Spotify, Apple Music, and iTunes – search ‘Susie Davies-Splitter & Phil Splitter’
  • All Welcome to Music Backing Tracks are only available as part of an album on this website


Susie & Phil’s philosophy

  • We believe that everyone can be a successful musical participant regardless of their background.
  • To present music in a range of styles from folk to rap, world music, pop, rock and jazz.
  • To enable the class teacher to easily reinforce the activities that are fun to implement
  • To use a multi-modal, multi-sensory and whole-body approach to help make the learning stick.
  • To encourage students to sing, move, dance, play instruments, create, explore, improvise compose and perform (It’s so good for their self-esteem, confidence and self-expression).
  • To enrich lives and connect ourselves and others to our hearts and inner beauty and potential to be creative and compassionate human beings.
  • To help students feel good about themselves, develop their self-expression and enhance health and well-being through the joy of music.
  • To build happy and healthy communities through inclusive music for all ages, abilities and cultures
  • To help raise the awareness of the importance of active music-making in schools and communities

Track Listing

To listen to any of these tracks, click the play button next to each track title.
1 – Bop in the Bath Listen
2 – G’day My Friends
3 – The Aussie Rock Listen
4 – Windy Path
5 – The Big Green Tram
6 – Jellybean Blues  Watch
7 – The Biggest Band
8 – Have You Ever Tried
9 – Let’s Sing All Together
10 – Bertie Bunny
11 – Let’s Clap Our Hands 2
12 – The Melbourne Train Listen
13 – The Apple Tree
14 – Giggle and Pop
15 – Get You Moving 2
16 – The Jumping Dance
17 – The Tiny Caterpillar
18 – It’s Winter Time
19 – Bop in the Bath – BAKTRAKS
20 – The Aussie Rock – BAKTRAKS
21 – Jellybean Blues – BAKTRAKS
23 – Have You Ever Tried – BAKTRAKS
24 – The Melbourne Train – BAKTRAKS
25 – The Jumping Dance – BAKTRAKS

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