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About the ‘Razzamajazz’ Product Range

Razzamajazz is a collection of razzle-dazzle, original and jazzy songs encouraging funky kids to sing, move, dance, play instruments, improvise and love music. Hear rap, blues, latin, african, swing jazz and other styles.

Join ‘Chester’s Cool School Band’, sing, move and play along to the ‘Backyard Blues’ and the ‘Wet Day Blues’, jive and jiggle to the ‘Jiggles’, partake in the line dance for ‘Let there be Music’ and ‘Synco-copation’, Dunk and Ally-Oop in ‘The Basketball Rap’, get into the rhythm with the ‘Five Four Groove’ and sing about a better world in ‘A Better Place’.

With opportunities to sing, move, and play instruments this will be a welcome addition to your classroom or home music collection.

About “Ndinani Na” from the album, ‘Razzamajazz’

(pron “Dinani Na”) By Miriam Makeba
2 to 4 parts with piano accompaniment and percussion arrangement.
A bright and simple African call and response song that encourages vocal improvisation.

Written by Susie Davies-Splitter & Phil Splitter

This ‘Ndinani Na’ Digital Download Set Includes:

  • 1 PDF of ‘Ndinani Na’ which allows:
    • 5 Standard Copy Licences (or 25 AMCOS Licences for teachers within AUS/NZ ONLY — more information below)
      • To preview the song, click on the images above. To listen to a sample of the track, click the play button at the top of the listing.

Note: File will be available to download immediately upon purchase in PDF format (file size approx. 2MB)

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  • How do I purchase a single choral arrangement?
    • As part of a Welcome to Music Choral Pack which is a collection of single arrangements for perusal purposes
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