Together Forever – Choral Arrangement Set – Digital Download



About “Together Forever”:

Unison to 2 parts with piano accompaniment.
Commissioned by the Dandenong Ranges Music Council.

A beautiful ballad to sing as part of: ANZAC and/or Remembrance days in Australia OR Veteran’s Days.

This story and song commemorates over 100 years since the Penny Drive Project during World War 1 and is a beautiful example that out of war can come generosity, caring and the gift of learning, ensuring that the history will live on in music.

Written, arranged and recorded by Susie Davies-Splitter & Phil Splitter

The ‘Together Forever’ collection includes:

This ‘Together Forever’ Digital Download Set Includes:

  • 1 PDF of ‘Together Forever’ which allows:
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  • 1 PDF of ‘Together Forever’ Lyrics
  • 1 PDF of ‘Together Forever’ Lyrics with Guitar/Ukulele Chords

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The Story of ‘Together Forever’:

One small village in France will forever remember the sacrifice of the young Australians who saved them from German occupation and potential destruction in 1918. On 24 April, Villers-Bretonneux was captured by the Germans as they advanced towards the regional city of Amiens.

Two Australian brigades were given the task of retaking Villers-Bretonneux through a swift night-time counter attack. One brigade would assault from the south, while another would attack from the north.

The assault began at 10pm on 24 April. After dawn on 25 April Australian and British troops were involved in fierce fighting to clear the Germans from the village. Later that morning, on 25 April 1918, three years to the day after the Anzacs landings at Gallipoli, French and Australian flags were raised over Villers-Bretonneux.

The Australian flag still flies over Villers-Bretonneux and a town hall plaque remembers the events of that night. Following the war, school children in Victoria Australia were asked to each give a penny to help raise the funds to rebuild the village school, named Victoria School.

A plaque there recalls the Diggers’ sacrifice. 1200 Australian soldiers gave their lives in the heroic recapture of this town and are buried near this spot. Another permanent reminder across a school building and above the blackboards can be found in the words: “N’oublions jamais l’Australie” – “never forget Australia”.


As part of the fundraising effort, Victorian school children were each urged to donate a penny and raised the enormous sum of £12,000 pounds which was dedicated to the building of the Victoria School.

For today’s children of Victoria, the story of the 1919 Penny Drive is long forgotten. But the children of Villers-Bretonneux have never forgotten. For a hundred years every day they have read the “N’oublions jamais l’Australie” (Let Us Never Forget Australia) sign in their schoolyard and school rooms.


Led by The Dandenong Ranges Music Council, the Penny Drive community music project aims to celebrate in song the remarkable story of fundraising by the school children of Victoria to rebuild the school. The story is a beautiful example that out of war can come generosity, caring and the gift of learning. It exemplifies compassion between children and how giving a penny can change a community. It also recognises the worth of a penny, as in difficult times the children of Victoria gave up their pennies and in a united effort achieved such a significant outcome.

In 2017, Susie Davies-Splitter & Phil Splitter were commissioned by DRMC to collaborate with children from primary schools in the Dandenong Ranges to compose the Penny Drive song, ensuring that the history will live on in music.

In October they visited schools in the Dandenong Ranges to workshop the project with students from Grades 3 to 6, and over the summer composed and recorded the resulting composition ‘Together Forever’.

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