Together Forever – Audio Track Package with Performance Licence (Digital Download)



About “Together Forever”:

Unison to 2 parts. A beautiful ballad to sing as part of ANZAC and/or Remembrance days commemorating 100 years since the Penny Drive Project during World War 1. This story is a beautiful example that out of war can come generosity, caring and the gift of learning, ensuring that the history will live on in music.

Includes piano accompaniment and guitar/ukulele chords.
Written, arranged and recorded by Susie Davies-Splitter & Phil Splitter and commissioned by the Dandenong Ranges Music Council.

The ‘Together Forever’ collection includes:

This ‘Together Forever’ Audio Track Package Includes:

  • 7 MP3 audio tracks which will help guide you and your students toward performance of ‘Together Forever’ – from first listen, to the classroom, to the stage!
    • Vocal Audio Track Mp3
    • Backing Audio Track (Includes Performance Licence to Use with Students for Concert)
    • Chorus Harmony 1 (Part 1 Isolated)
    • Chorus Harmony 2 (Part 2 Isolated)
    • Bridge Harmony 1 (Part 1 Isolated)
    • Bridge Harmony 2 (Part 2 Isolated)
    • Coda Harmony

Sample the Backing Track

Audio Licence – for Public and For-Profit Performance

After purchasing this product, you will be granted one (1) sole-user, non-transferable performance licence of the included audio tracks. These audio tracks can be used by a sole user (1 teacher/director), wherever they teach for rehearsal and performance use (including public and for-profit performances). To use the included audio in a performance, you must also have purchased the correct amount of ‘Together Forever’ Choral Arrangement Sheet Music.

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  • I have 53 x 5-7 year old singers in my junior choir and I would like each singer to have their own copy of the music. How many copies of the choral arrangement pack do I have to order?
    • If you are a teacher within a school in Australia or New Zealand:
      • For this example, 2 copies of a digital choral arrangement pack will not be quite enough (only allowing 50 legal copies), therefore you will need to purchase 3 copies of the digital choral arrangement pack (allowing up to 75 legal reproductions). Use the extra copies as needed for replacement scores or to save for future years.
    • If you are a teacher/director of any choir (school or professional) OUTSIDE of Australia/New Zealand or are a professional choir (non-school) within Australia/New Zealand:
      • You will need to purchase 1 score per singer. Because our choral arrangements are sold in packs of 5 standard licence copies, you will need to purchase 11 choral arrangement packs (allowing up to 55 legal reproductions) to have enough licences for each of your singers.

Note:  If you only wish to teach the song by rote or reproduce and hand out the lyrics from the Teacher’s Book, you only need to purchase one pack of a Choral Arrangement which will still entitle you to photocopy the master PDF x 5.